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We Keep Your Information Secure

Make It Your Top Priority To Keep Your Information Safe!

At Remington Federal Credit Union we make it our priority to keep your information safe.  We make sure your information is safe when doing transactions on our online banking system.  We make sure our website security is top-notch to keep your personal information safe.

This new scam targets users with fake anti-virus software renewal notices and then they hack into your computer system.  They trick you into giving them remote access to your computer.  Scammers are also using email to make people panic as they threaten them to auto charge their cards for the renewal. 

Scammers are putting fear into people using COVID-19 and stealing personal information from them.  To keep your information safe, please be careful and make sure that whoever is contacting you is a trusted source.  Stay alert, and before you go clicking an email link it is legit.  Be cautious when being asked to make a payment or donation immediately as well as being pressured to give personal information via phone, text, or email.  Remington Federal Credit Union is doing our part to keep your personal information confidential, you as the consumer would need to do your part as well. 

You may receive a phone call, text, or email with someone claiming to be from Apple or Microsoft Support.  To keep your banking information safe, it would be a good idea to hang up or not answer text or email right away and get a hold of the company directly.  A company would never ask for you to purchase a gift card to resolve an issue.

Remington Federal Credit Union will not ask for sensitive information by email or text.  If you ever should receive an email asking for personal information, do not reply.  If the email is opened and there is links on that email do not click on that link.   We suggest you call the Credit Union directly at 315-894-9924.  

It may benefit you to run a credit report once a year.  You can receive one free credit report in a 12-month time.  You can check out www.annualcreditreport.com to do so.