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File A Dispute

To Dispute an ACH or Debit Card Transaction
1. Attempt to contact the merchant. ​Prior to disputing charges, you must make every effort to
resolve the dispute with the merchant. If contact has been made with no resolution or there is no
means of contact, you will have to complete a “Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit”
● If you initiate the dispute process orally, the Credit Union will start the investigation, but will
require the form and other documentation (described below) be submitted to us within ten
(10) business days.
2. Trial offer merchants often enroll you into other offers when you accept and agree to their
terms and conditions. ​Remington Federal Credit Union suggests that you contact these
merchants and request a credit. Ask for a supervisor if needed when you contact the merchant.
Most trial merchants will issue a credit within the first 30 days.
3. Transactions must be submitted for dispute within sixty days after we sent the FIRST
statement on which the problem occurs due to VISA regulations.
4. The “Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit” form should include copies of
documentation to support your dispute. ​The Credit Union will need the signed form, results of
your contact with the merchant, copies of proof of returns, credit slips, cancellation numbers, and
date cancelled where applicable. If the appropriate documentation is not supplied, it may result in a
processing delay and/or delayed issuance of a provisional credit.
5. Submitting the dispute form. ​Once the form is received and we have all the documentation, we
will begin/finish the dispute process and provide a provisional credit to the account within 10-45
business days.
● Dispute forms can be submitted at the office.
∙ Faxed to 315-894-9926
● Mailed to P.O. Box 388, Ilion, NY 13357
● Emailed to [email protected] (For security reasons ​please omit your
member number and provide the last eight digits of your card number when using this
6. Questions: ​If you have any questions please contact the office at:
315-894-9924 ext. 223