Rates effective February 1, 2018

Our Rates

AutomobilesModel YearTermAPR
2016-201824as low as 1.99%
2016-201836as low as 1.99%
2016-201848as low as 1.99%
2016-201860as low as 1.99%
2016-201872as low as 2.54%
**Vehicle must be valued over $35,0002016-201884**as low as 3.04%
2012-201524as low as 2.15%
2012-201536as low as 2.15%
2012-201548as low as 2.59%
2012-201560as low as 2.69%
2012-201572as low as 3.65%
2011-older24as low as 5.15%
2011-older36as low as 5.15%
2011-older48as low as 5.15%
2011-older60as low as 5.15%
Recreational Use & Equipment24as low as 4.64%
36as low as 4.64%
48as low as 4.64%
60as low as 4.64%
Boats, Campers, Motor Homes 24as low as 4.89%
Maximum $50,00036as low as 4.89%
48as low as 4.89%
60as low as 4.89%
72as low as 5.89%
84as low as 5.89%
120as low as 5.89%
Home Equity LoanSee Loan Officer
Personal Loans24as low as 8.94%
36as low as 8.94%
48as low as 9.34%
60as low as 9.34%
Share Secured242.15%

The aggregate of unsecured credit per member may not exceed $10,000
Total consumer loans may not exceed $150,000
When two people are signing on a note, we add the two rates and divide by 2 to get the rate.
Rates will vary based on credit score.
Some restrictions apply.

All rates are Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.)

Deposit Rate

Share/Savings ($100 minimum to earn interest)
(share/savings dividends are paid monthly)

Regular Shares0.20%0.20%
Money Market0.30%0.30%
($2500 minimum)
Kids Shares0.20%0.20%

Share Certificates ($1,000 minimum)
(Certificate dividends are paid quarterly)

6 months0.50%0.50%
12 months0.80%0.80%
24 months1.10%1.10%
36 months1.30%1.30%
Lucky Savers0.45%0.45%